Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Tai Chi (also known as Taiji, or taichichuan) is an ancient exercise system practiced for health, meditation, stress reduction, and core strength training.  It consists of a series of whole-body movements and sequences of movements known as “forms,” which are performed at a slow and controlled pace.

Tai Chi also incorporates various Qi Gong (also known as chi gung) exercises including still, stance-keeping postures which focus on breathing, relaxation, and posture.  At its root, it combines a state of dynamic relaxation of the body exemplified by controlled physical movements, with a focused and calm mind.  Thus, Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as “moving meditation.”

Tai Chi provides many benefits, including the development of core strength, better balance, stress management, and relaxation.  Sources such as the Mayo Clinic and the National Institute of Health cite numerous health benefits of Tai Chi, including reducing anxiety and depression, reducing falls in older adults, lowering blood pressure, relieving chronic pain, and increasing endurance and agility.   

 Tai Chi and Qi gong classes are coming soon to Twelve Rivers Acupuncture.   Stay tuned for updates!

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