Chinese Herbal Formulas


are often recommended for certain conditions.  As a highly effective form of internal medicine, herbal formulas can be prescribed for nearly any ailment or disease that one might have, including dermatological problems, menstrual disorders, insomnia, gastro-intestinal disorders, autoimmune disease, menopausal symptoms, neurological disorders, common cold, respiratory problems, and much more.  Chinese herbology rarely uses single herbs (although exceptions do exist).  Rather, formulas consisting of anywhere from 3-14 herbs are usually given.  These formulas are often classical formulas, written hundreds or even thousands of years ago, and have been proven to be safe and effective medicinals through centuries of use.  Please note that the cost of the herbs themselves is not included in any treatment costs.



Twelve Rivers Acupuncture offers a fully stocked herbal dispensary right in our clinic.  We are nationally board-certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine and licensed by the State of New Jersey to safely offer herbs to our patients.  Twelve Rivers Acupuncture is committed to sourcing the safest, highest quality ingredients, and we absolutely do not use any endangered species in any of our herbal formulas.  Please note that Chinese Herbal Formulas are only available to patients undergoing consultation and treatment at our clinic.

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